Heating and Cooling Split Systems

The most common types of HVAC Systems consist of two separate units: one for heating and one for cooling. This configuration is known as a 'Heating and Cooling Split System'. Split Systems are built with indoor and outdoor units that are easily recognizable. 

On the outside of the building - either on the roof or the ground - is a cooling system that utilizes compressors, refrigerants, and coils to cool the indoor air while a fan exhausts the hot air. A heater - stored in a basement or other storage area - uses gas to warm up the air. A fan or evaporator pushes heat throughout the ductwork connected to the heating element. The cooling unit and heating unit are connected to each other through copper refrigerant lines. 

Using electricity, the outdoor unit's compressor pumps refrigerant that collects heat and moisture from the controlled zone. Warm return air collected from the controlled zone is blown over the cold indoor coil (Evaporator Coil). The heat is transferred from the warm air to the refrigerant and this cools down the air. The heat is transferred through the refrigerant and copper tubing to exhaust the hot air outside the home with the outdoor unit's condenser and exhaust fan.

A traditional thermostat is used to monitor the air and control the system. This style of system is very common in households.


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