Packaged HVAC Equipment

In a Packaged System, a compressor, condenser, and evaporator coil are all packaged in a singular unit, generally on the roof or on the ground floor. The single unit is used for both heating and cooling of the indoor temperature. Combining the two functions saves in both space and cost while making it easier to install and maintain. Due to the compact size, these are the ideal system in smaller buildings that lack the extra storage space or smaller, individual temperature zones.

Package systems are very efficient in warmer weathers since the heating system is generally not as powerful compared to dedicated gas or electrical heating systems. This is sometimes remedied with the addition of auxiliary heating such as electric resistance heating coils (also known as electric heat strips). 

Package Units can come in 3 different forms that are enclosed within the single unit:

  • Packaged Heat Pumps - Heating and cooling using a reversing valve and compressor
  • Packaged Air Conditioner - Traditional AC with electric heat strips for auxiliary heating. 
  • Packaged Gas-Electric - Gas-Powered Heater packaged together with standard AC.


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