A kiosk URL is available for each organization and each site. 

Navigate to the Organization/Site's Configuration and Kiosk tab, and click on the copy icon next to the Kiosk URL to copy the URL to your clipboard.

From the Configuration, Kiosk tab Organization Admins can change the following settings for the kiosk:

  • primary, secondary color
  • Slides
    • Slide order
    • Slide interval (time until the kiosk switches to the next slide)
    • Show/hide a slide

Kiosk Page

Paste the Organization/Site's Kiosk URL into a browser.

Current Slide

  • By default, it shows yesterday's and today's demand by meter
  • Users can select a different range and timezone
  • Users can also download the data from the chart

Last Month Slide

  • Shows daily meter production for the previous month

Lifetime Slide

  • Shows monthly demand by meter for the organization/site

Choose files or drag and drop files
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