In each Main page's Configuration/Alarms tab, organization admins can activate/deactivate alarm triggers.

The table will list all possible device/alarm trigger combinations. If a trigger is active for a given device, the "Active" box will be checked.

Click on the "Active" or "Subscribed" box to open a form. Select/De-select the active box to change to active/deactivate the alarm and click on the subscribed box to subscribe/unsubscribe from email notifications for the alarm. Then click "Submit" to save the changes.


Lost Communication

At every 15-minute interval, LightLevel makes a ping request to each meter in the system, to see if it can establish a connection.

After a successful ping, LightLevel will request the most recent data from the meter.

If a ping fails, LightLevel will attempt to ping the meter again. After 3 failed pings, a "Lost Communication" alarm will be generated for the meter.

No Production 24 H

If LightLevel can't communicate with a meter for 24 hours, the "Lost Communication" alarm will be converted to a "No Production 24 H" alarm.

Production Irradiance Variance

Every 4 hours, LightLevel will analyze the past 4 hours of meter and sensor data.

LightLevel will calculate the site's expected production for that 4 hours and compare that with the actual production reported by the meter/s. 

If expected production is less than 25 kWh, the data is ignored.

If actual production is less than 60% of the expected production, LightLevel will generate an alarm.

Voltage & Amperage Imbalance

When new interval data comes in for the meter, LightLevel checks the 3 phases against the average (for voltage and/or amperage). If a phase is more than 20% off average an alarm is generated.

Inverter Fault State

When new interval data comes in LightLevel will check the fault registers of an inverter and if any fault registers are active, will generate an alarm.

Irregular Inverter Data

Every day, LightLevel will check inverter data from the previous day. If the inverter's max interval production is not above a percentage of the inverter's rated capacity (threshold), an alarm will be generated.

If the inverter's rated capacity is 25 kW, 28 kW, or 36 kW, that threshold is 55%.

If the inverter's rated capacity is 50 kW or 60 kW, that threshold is 70% most of the year. November - March that threshold ranges from 65% - 69%. 

If an alarm is generated, the alarm message will show you the maximum inverter production and the threshold used to generate the alarm.

Bad Sensor Data

Every day, LightLevel will check sensor data from the previous day. If the sensor is not reporting any useful data, an alarm will be generated

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