GHG Projects

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Projects are used to group together settings relating to a GHG report. These settings are all saved to the project and then the report is ran on the project that way GHG report generation is a one click process.

Creating a Project

Creating a report in done on the analysis page under the projects tab. All the is need to create a project is enter a project name and project type. If this is the first project you have created then it will automatically be the 'default project'.

Cloning a Project

Cloning a project can be done after at least project is created. Cloning a project copies all settings on the project except for its 'default' status. This is useful is you would like to make minor tweaks to project without saving to switch back and forth.

Project Info

This section is for all basic details about the project and report settings. 

  • Project Name
    • Name identifier for the project. Used to distinguish between projects
    • Not to be confused with "Name for Reports" on the organization's settings
  • Default Project
    • Default Projects appear first in the list project on the report page
    • Default GHG project also determine which custom GHG conversions are used on the dashboard and basic reports. Advanced reports will use the custom GHG conversions in the performance project selected. 
  • Customer Contact
    • Contact information for the main contact at the client's facility. 
  • Project Contact
    • Contact information for the project lead 

Baseline Data

Information used in this section is used for details in the GHG reports. 

  • Buildings
    • Buildings to be included in this project
  • Baseline period
    • Date range for any baseline calculations used with the report
  • Yearly Reduction Goal and Duration 
    • These values affect the chart on the last page of the "Greenhouse Gas Baseline Reports"
    • A typical goal would be something like 5% for 10 years. 

Savings Projects

GHG savings projects are used in the 'Greenhouse Gas Glide Path Report'. These savings projects included proposed projects the would reduce the GHG emissions of an organization. GHG savings projects can be created and added to a project in this section or on the 'Savings Measures' tab on the main analysis page.

Project GHG Conversions

This section is used to manage the custom Greenhouse Gas (GHG) conversions used in the GHG reports. These custom GHG conversions are also used on the dashboard and basic reports if they are applied to the default GHG project. 

GHG Conversions are applied within a collection, to learn more about GHG collections visit this article. Once a GHG collection is created, it can then be added to the building and it belongs to. 

If no GHG collection is selected for a building, then the GHG emissions will be calculated using its location information. For information about default GHG emissions calculations visit this article.

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